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Welcome to Kawona Global Group, your trusted advisory partner dedicated to empowering foreign investors in navigating the diverse landscape of the Mexican market. Beyond mere guidance, we specialize in forging vital connections between Mexican entrepreneurs and potential investors, buyers, or suppliers. Our expertise spans a wide array of sectors, including energy, transportation, telecommunications, banking, finance, insurance, software, technology, semiconductors, capital goods, commercial and corporate services, professional services, hotels, and real estate. Whether it’s capital venture, investment promotion, real estate project development, manufacturing, or international trade, Kawona Global Group is your comprehensive solution for success.

Our Corporate Vision

To be the premier advisory firm recognized for its exceptional ability to connect international investors with the vast potential of the Mexican market. We strive to foster lasting success for businesses and entrepreneurs through our commitment to excellence, innovation, and unwavering integrity.

Our Services

Commercial, Legal, and Financial Advisory

Project, Asset, Business, and Real Estate Buying and Selling

Prospecting, Client, and Investor Solicitation

Project Management and Financing

Local and International Commercial Representation

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Mission

Our company is committed to innovating a diverse range of investment products, delivering top-tier investment services, and cultivating a unique ability to attract capital and forge enduring strategic partnerships.
We are dedicated to fostering an institutional culture of professionalism that supports our staff in realizing their full potential.
Our mission is to enhance our customers’ financial well-being through integrated business solutions, offering a distinctive business platform to regional and international companies. We achieve this through service excellence in a customer-centric environment, driven by our dedicated, competent, and loyal team.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Service
  • Commitment
  • Attention
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Punctuality
  • Ethics

Our Value Proposition

  • Comprehensive Property
  • ValuationLegal and Tax Advisory
  • Tailored Promotion
  • Personalized Attention
  • Aggressive Negotiations
  • Expert Legal Assistance
  • Post-Sale Follow-Up and Support

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Our management team comprises professionals with over 25 years of collective experience in business development, market expansion, corporate financing facilitation, administrative advising, business linkage, and representation of investment funds.
They have extensive experience spanning across more than five countries, serving as founders and presidents of various corporations.
Additionally, our team includes individuals with expertise as real estate agents, bankers, international business development consultants, digital marketing experts, commercial advisors, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

Our team comprises versatile business professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds, bringing a wealth of global expertise to our organization. We prioritize diversity and excellence, ensuring we attract and retain top talent from around the world.


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